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Leverage emotional intelligence to create
highly productive, positive workplaces

What are the essential skills to create positive change – at work, at school, and in life? While some aspects of change are logical, many are not.


Michele Royan teaches the measurable, learnable, science-based skills of emotional intelligence. The essential people skills that drive stronger effectiveness, influence, decision-making, health, relationships, and quality of life (here’s the evidence).


Measure what matters to put people at the center of performance


Leverage emotional intelligence to understand how people really work


Grow the skills to sustain a culture of performance

Ready to measurably improve your people-performance? We’re here:

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You’ve got a good business, but people are not totally aligned, you are losing good people. Solution: Create and sustain a culture where people thrive (check out the Komatsu case).

Your people are strong, but they’re not talking and working together they way they should. Solution: Build the skills for trustworthy communication & collaboration (see how it worked at Amadori)

Your leaders have technically excellence, but they’re doing tasks instead of leading people. Solution: Strengthen and deepen people leadership (the FedEx case shows how well this works)