Methods and Tools

How will your business get better at the people-side of performance?

  1. Understand how people really work.
  2. Measure what matters.
  3. Develop the skills to improve – and keep going.

Built on the scientifically-based methodology from Six Seconds (a global research organization with whom we partner), Integrity Partners’ approach is robust, practical, and effective. Rather than “training” or “consulting” or “analytics” as seperate ingredients, a blended approach gives you insight, data, skills — and the support to put that into action.

Data backed by neurosceince to present a snapshot of the clients’ current situation/culture, identify  challenges and opportunities for positive change, and scaffold an action plan to reach the desired outcome. Michele Royan utilizes globally normed and validated suite of Six Seconds assessment tools:

The SEI Line: Competencies for People Performance

Download PDF for Professionals || Download PDF for Leaders

The SEI tools measure key emotional intelligence competencies that drive influence, decision making, effectiveness, relationships, health, and quality of life.  Based on the powerful Six Seconds Model, these tools offer tremendous insight — but even better, they provide a roadmap for increasing performance.

SEI:  Self-Assess the 8 EQ competencies that drive people-performance.  What is your level of emotional intelligence?  Where are your strengths and how do you apply them?  What weaknesses are blocking your people-performance and how do you develop?

SEI Brain Brief Profile:  An insightful snapshot into “Brain Style” (your preferred way of using emotions & cognition together), distilled from the full power of the robust SEI assessment.

SEI360:  Get accurate feedback about the way you’re using your EQ competencies.  How are your EQ skills coming across to key stakeholders?  Are your supervisors, colleagues, direct reports, and other business partners seeing your strengths — and if not, where are the gaps?

SEI-YV and pYV:  Create a snapshot of a child’s current EQ skills and a framework for growth.  How are children developing in these key social-emotional domains?  How do they see their performance in life and school?  What competencies can they use to fuel key life and school outcomes?

The Vital Signs Line:  Drivers of Organizational Effectiveness

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A rapid, accurate check of operational “vital signs,” these tools put people on the dashboard.  Invaluable in change and transformation, these tools provide baseline data and measure ROI while they save time and money by focusing implementation efforts.  The Vital Signs tools all use a practical operational effectiveness model including Motivation, Teamwork, Change, Execution, and Trust.

LVS – Leadership Vital Signs:  Which aspects of leadership performance are in play?  Are you strong in all four quadrants of operational excellence (Strategy, People, Organization, Operation)?  How are you creating and leveraging trust?

TVS – Team Vital Signs:  To what extent is the team more than a collection of individuals?  Where is the team aligned and misaligned, and what are the key drivers for building team performance?

OVS – Organization Vital Signs:  What is the organizational climate?  To what degree are various organizational units aligned?  What’s the real story on how employees are connecting with the company, leaders, strategy and vision?

EVS – Education Vital Signs:  Are you creating an optimal context for learning?  Are students, teachers, administrators, parents “on the same page”?  How are the relationships affecting the school’s results?